Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon’s Divorce Settled Days Before Her Explosive Breakup With James Packer — Plus, Legal Deets Behind Her $10 Million Engagement Ring!

Mariah Carey

After a long wait, we’re hearing Mariah Carey‘s divorce from Nick Cannon was settled just days before her explosive breakup from James Packer.

Talk about timing!

According to TMZ, as the 46-year-old and her now-ex-fiancé boarded a yacht to Greece, Nick signed the paperwork which grants joint custody to the former couple in regard to their five-year-old twins. The agreement also says neither MiMi nor the comedian will get child support, and they will each keep their individual earnings from their time together.

Simple enough!

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So what was supposed to make way for the Heartbreaker‘s impending marriage to the business mogul soon became a bit of mess after something bad allegedly happened between Packer and Mariah’s assistant. Hm.

But the question on everyone’s mind is what will happen to that $10 million engagement ring now that James and the Mariah’s World star are donezo. Not to mention the fact that she’s been flaunting it around town on her MIDDLE finger!

Family Law Specialist Alexandra Leichter tells People:

“It depends who broke up the engagement. If it was [Mariah], she has to give it back. If it was [Packer], she doesn’t have to give it back. It’s very simple in the state of California.”

Leichter explains engagement rings are usually considered “conditional gifts,” meaning there’s a expectation that “certain events will occur” (you know, like a wedding):

“If it’s an unconditional gift it doesn’t make any difference who broke up the engagement. Of course, if she has gotten the engagement ring under false pretenses or under fraud, he could still have a claim for fraud even in that case. But generally speaking, that’s not the way engagement rings work.”

She adds it also matters which state will govern over the decision:

“Since they were living here together in California, technically California law determines the action for the breakup├óΓé¼┬ªBut the question becomes whether California law will say, She got the engagement ring in New York, so New York law governs and even though we’re in California, she may have to give it back because that’s where she got it.”

In sum, if Mariah wants to keep the ring, the lawyer revealed this is what should play out:

“Only if she has a claim for fraud against him or for other promises that he had made to her, or if he had said to her, No matter what, this is a gift that’s really not an engagement gift; it doesn’t make any difference whether we get married or not, it’s not a gift in contemplation of marriage. If he said that, then she doesn’t have to give it back.”

Hmmm. Only accept “unconditional gifts”… got it!

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Nov 1, 2016 10:21am PDT

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