Black Church Set On Fire With Message To ‘Vote Trump’ — Authorities Confirm ‘Hate Crime’ Investigation

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This is beyond incredibly disturbing.

Late Tuesday night, authorities responded to a predominantly black church in Mississippi which had been badly burned and vandalized.

To make matters even more upsetting, the building had “Vote Trump” scrawled across a wall, which suggests this was a politically motivated hate crime by supporters of Donald Trump. You know, Trump supporters like these guys.

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In response to the disgusting vandalism, Greenville Mayor Errick D. Simmons stated:

“This matter is being investigated as a hate crime. This act is a direct assault of people’s right to freely worship. Moreover, this matter is being investigated with all deliberate speed and we will not rest until the culprit is found and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.”

Well, we’re glad the authorities are taking this case seriously. Hopefully they’ll be able to identify and then prosecute the perps responsible for this heinous crime.

Unfortunately, this incident of arson comes on the heels of many racist comments made by Trump and his supporters. Some democrats have gone on to allege that Trump supporters have been encouraged to intimidate minority voters come election day.

The only shred of humanity left in this story is that prominent lawmakers are NOT tolerating this disgusting act.

Congressman Bennie Thompson wrote:

“Last evening, Hopewell M.B. Church in Greenville, MS, was burned and defaced in what was a deeply shocking and saddening event that harkens back to a much darker day in Mississippi. I am very concerned about this heinous crime and will urge federal government agencies to coordinate with state and local law enforcement to utilize every resource at their disposal to investigate this incident and bring the perpetrator to justice. The political message of the vandalism is obviously an attempt to sway public opinion regarding the upcoming election. I encourage all citizens not to be deterred by this cowardly act and exercise your right to vote at the ballot box.”

And Governor Phil Bryant tweeted:

Well said! We need as many people as possible to come forward and denounce this cowardly act.

You can check out local news coverage of the crime (below):

[Image via WJTV.]

Nov 2, 2016 5:56pm PDT

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