Mean Boys! High School Investigates After A Group Of Male Students’ Online ‘Burn Book’ Becomes Public!

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Some students have no class.

In a report from the New York Post, Hunter College High School‘s administration is conducting a thorough investigation after the contents and membership of a group of male students’ secret Burn Book-like chat room was made public.

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According to students at the school, one brave soul who’s now being referred to simply as Snowden, took screenshots of the boys’ homophobic and misogynistic comments and then distributed them to outraged classmates.

The group, who dubbed themselves MILK, rated girls’ appearances, went on hateful tirades against their classmates, and bashed LGBT students.

Following the gross discovery, Hunter Schools Acting Director Lisa Siegmann released the following statement:

“We are concerned about the recent allegations about the contents and are investigating whether there have been any violations of our campus schools regulations and policies.”

Well, we’re glad school officials are taking this matter seriously.

While some students reveal some members of MILK have apologized, their remorse hasn’t been accepted in all circles.

One pissed off pupil wrote on Facebook:

“No, milk, it’s not enough to message specific senior girls copy paste apologies. By saying what you said you disrespected the existence and autonomy of every girl in this school, which warrants a public apology to every girl in this school. I’ll be waiting.”

Damn! You tell em’, girl!

We’ll keep you updated as this case continues to unfold.

Nov 2, 2016 3:17pm PDT

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