Parents Face Multiple Charges After Allegedly Injecting Their Three Children With Heroin! Read The Horrifying Report!

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Two parents in Tacoma, Washington are facing decades in prison after allegedly injecting their three young children with heroin.

Ashlee Hutt and Mac Leroy McIver (pictured above) have been charged with unlawful delivery of a controlled substance to a minor, criminal mistreatment, and assault of a child.

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Police say the 24-year-old Hutt and 25-year-old McIver kept their three kids in a home filled with rat droppings and drug needles.

A Pierce County Sheriff’s Department spokesperson told The Washington Post:

“The kids lived in deplorable conditions. It wasn’t a good living situation even without the issue of heroin. We unfortunately find kids living in deplorable conditions all too often, but we don’t see parents intentionally putting drugs into kids.”

Last year, Child Protective Services began investigating the couple’s alleged mistreatment of their 6-year-old boy and his two younger sisters — aged 2 and 4.

The boy told a CPS worker his parents would inject all three children with “feel good medicine,” which was a white powder mixed with water filled inside a needle.

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The parents admitted to using heroin when interviewed by the CPS, but blamed the other adults they were living with for injecting the children, telling authorities “the babysitter may be responsible.”

The three children have been put into protective custody, and both parents are prohibited from contacting their children or being within 1,000 feet of their residences or schools.

Both Hutt and McIver are in police custody while they await their trials — Hutt is due in court on December 20 and McIver has a trial date set for February 16, 2017.

This is so devastating, and sadly reflects just how bad America’s opioid epidemic is — and the damage it can cause.

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Nov 2, 2016 5:33pm PDT

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