Wilmer Valderrama Visits The Texas-Mexico Border & Gushes: ‘The Most Beautiful Thing You Can Be Is An Immigrant’!

wilmer valderrama texas mexico border

Wilmer Valderrama wants all Americans to embrace their heritage!

In collaboration with Johnnie Walker‘s Keep Walking America campaign, the That ’70s Show alum recently traveled down to the Texas-Mexico border in order to connect with those with of cross-culture roots. For Wilmer, this journey was particularly important as the country is currently facing “a lot of negativity” especially when it comes to the conversation about immigration.

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While the industry vet ventured down at the end of October, he opened up on Tuesday about his thoughts on immigration as he stated:

“The most beautiful thing you can be is an immigrant. A fearless brave individual that embraces their heritage is a special thing.”

Well said! He continued:

“I’m all about the positivity and making sure we celebrate the goodness of immigration. And being proud of an immigrant heritage.”

As you surely know, the NCIS star was born in Miami, FL but moved to Venezuela when he was only three years old. He later returned to the U.S. On his own diverse background, Wilmer shared:

“My father is Venezuelan and my mother is Colombian. There was work in Venezuela, so we left the country and moved back to where my dad is from.”

The 36-year-old had quite the childhood as he was raised on a farm where he rode horses and chased chickens. Unfortunately, when Wilmer was a teenager, his father’s business went under and the Valderramas relocated to California for a fresh start. Wilmer noted:

“He wanted to give me and my sister a better future and a shot at an education. So we sold everything we had and came to America.”

Now that’s inspiring. So it’s no wonder Wilmer wants those who’ve immigrated or are of immigration decent to be proud of their journey. In regards to his trip to the Texas border town of Brownsville, Demi Lovato‘s ex relayed:

“There have been a lot of conversations about border towns and how to fix them, but people forget there are amazing things that come from the blend of two cultures being that close together. I went to Texas to remind us immigrants of who we are and what we are to this country and what our future is here.”

Hear! Hear! Although Wilmer is non-partisan when it comes to this election, he does encourage all Americans to vote on November 8 as “there’s so much at stake.”

We honestly couldn’t be more impressed with Wilmer for his recent trek. Bravo!

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Nov 2, 2016 1:22pm PDT

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