American Horror Story: Roanoke Kills Off More Major Characters In The Goriest Episode Yet! Get The Recap!

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The bloodbath continued on this week’s episode of American Horror Story: Roanoke, and several characters revealed their true colors.

Unfortunately for most, that color was red, as chapter 8 proved to be another vein-opening gorefest that resulted in the deaths of multiple characters!


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Living up to Ryan Murphy‘s hint that this week’s episode was Roanoke’s “most intense” ever, the story picks up with Shelby (Lily Rabe) and Dominic (Cuba Gooding Jr.) trapped in the house, just having witnessed Agnes (Kathy Bates) getting cleaved by the butcher.

The pair seems without a plan until Shelby has the idea to go through the house’s underground tunnel, which has proven to be a hit-or-miss escape tactic in the past. After finding the tunnel, the duo comes across the Chens — the Taiwanese family that got slaughtered in the re-enactment and are now undead, Grudge-y creatures.

They manage to escape and head back inside the house of horrors, but Shelby is basically checked out of reality by this point. After evading supernatural predators in every room, the duo locks themselves in the bedroom to wait out the storm.

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At this point, Shelby is fully delirious. In the last episode, she bashed in her husband Matt’s (Andr├â┬⌐ Holland) skull with a crowbar after finding him having sex with the Scathach forest witch — so girl has flown over the cuckoo’s nest for a while now.

Seeing no light at the end of the tunnel, Shelby slices her own throat right in front of Dominic — who, at this point, is really hoping he lives through the nightmare so he can go on a first-class trip to Thailand.

We take a break from the house and catch up to the rest of the characters in the woods, being held captive by the real Polk family. Lee (Adina Porter) is recovering from getting a piece of her legs sliced off for the cannibal family to snack on — but this woman came too far to die at the hands of the incestuous hillbilly who is guarding her.

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Like a badass, Lee seduces the horny Jether into untying her out of the chair, only to strangle the gullible dope and stab him in the head. Before finishing him off, Lee records a goodbye video for her daughter Flora in which she admits to killing her ex-husband Mason. Of course, she’ll regret that confession later├óΓé¼┬ª

We finally revisit Audrey (Sarah Paulson) and Monet (Angela Bassett) in the clutches of the rest of the Polks, who are apparently really into teeth. Monet’s chair breaks as her captors try to swipe one of her molars — and thanks to her great acting skills, she manages to escape.

Audrey isn’t so lucky, as Mama Polk returns before Monet can help her costar escape. After finding out it was the Polks who flayed her husband (Evan Peters) in the woods, Audrey spits in Mama Polk’s face and gets some unwanted dental work in return.

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Things are looking grim for the British widow, until badass Lee pops up and saves the day. After being rescued, Audrey takes a hammer and bashes in Mama Polk’s skull (that was satisfying!) and the girls head back into the house. Where else are they gonna go?

Back at the house, the women discover Matt’s bludgeoned corpse before running upstairs to find Shelby looking just as dead. They stumble upon a delirious Dominic, who tries to explain what happened — except the surviving ladies don’t believe him at all!

Lee claims there’s no way Shelby killed the man she loves, and Audrey insists that there’s no way the woman she played for “six months” would have committed suicide! Um├óΓé¼┬ª that’s exactly what happened, ladies.

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Having spent the last few hours being picked apart by evil hillbillies, the women aren’t about to trust a man with a knife — so they accuse Dominic of killing Shelby and push him out of the bedroom, where he immediately gets slaughtered by the Piggy Man. So long, O.J.!

Somehow, Lee and Audrey make it through the night and the horrors seem to be over. But instead of going literally ANYWHERE else, Lee decides they need to go back into the Polk family’s lair so she can dispose of the incriminating tape. How selfless!

As the women exit the house, they come face to face with the Piggy Man, who takes off his mask and reveals himself to be Dylan (Wes Bentley), one of the re-enactors who probably has no idea what happened the previous night, and most certainly will regret heading back to set.

While it seems like the horrors are over, we still have two episodes left. Aside from a missing Monet, we still have to worry about a few Polks running around — so we know a few more characters will be picked off soon.

Who will make it out alive? And how are Taissa Farmiga and Paulson’s Asylum character Lana Winters going play into all of this? We’ll find out soon enough!

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Nov 3, 2016 12:51pm PDT

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