Oprah’s Favorite Things Of 2016 Are Finally HERE! Check Out Her Most Relatable & Crazy Expensive Picks!

Tis the season!

Oprah Winfrey has outdone herself once again!!

On Thursday, the iconic 62-year-old unveiled her MASSIVE list of her Favorite Things from 2016 in O, The Oprah Magazine… filled with over 100 items this year!

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And again, it’s her most yet!

Just wait until you check out all the most amazing of her picks (below)!

Tis the season!

Because apparently even Oprah loses her phone or maybe her keys! $29.99 for the Orbit Key Finder available HERE:

“Attach an Orbit to your key chain, download the free app, and find your keys with your phone (at the push of a button, Orbit chimes loudly). It works in reverse, too: Press a button on Orbit to find your cell├óΓé¼ΓÇ¥it rings even in silent mode. Genius.”

Tis the season!

$17-19 for Urban Agriculture Co.‘s Grow Kits available HERE:

“I absolutely love cooking with fresh produce from my garden, and these urban grow kits will give city folks the same joy. They provide organic seeds, organic soil, and a container made from 100 percent recycled tea bags; you provide the sunlight, water, and love.”

Tis the season!

$200 for Beats by Dr. Dre Powerbeats3 Wireless Earphones available HERE:

“I didn’t realize I needed a new pair of Beats, but this wireless version has Fast Fuel, a quick five-minute charge that yields one hour of playback. Now that’s my jam!”

Tis the season!

$65 for Edward Bess‘ Lipstick and Cheek Stain available HERE:

“Edward Bess’s creamy, long-wearing lipstick and cheek stain has been supersized just for me├óΓé¼ΓÇ¥and all of you! Because who doesn’t want to pull something the size of Texas out of her makeup bag? But please apply with a brush!”

Tis the season!

$100 for RBT‘s Wine Decanter available HERE:

“Winter is red wine season! The aerator in this decanter removes impurities from the wine while the funnel oxygenates it. Translation: bigger aromas, more flavor. I’m buying this for the red wine drinkers in my life.”

Tis the season!

$549 for Avegant‘s video headphones available HERE:

“Tired of squinting at a small phone screen? You may feel like an extra in Star Trek, but it’ll be worth it. Plug these into any HDMI-supported device and do everything from checking emails to watching movies in digital HD. It’s like your own personal theater.”

Tis the season!

$130 for Fitbit‘s Alta available HERE:

“This iteration of Fitbit is splash-proof, so you can leave it on during your post-workout shower or when you’re taking a bubble bath, like I do. Besides tracking sleep, steps, and calories burned, it shares call and text notifications.”

Tis the season!

$300 for Avance‘s Airfryer available HERE:

“Fried food minus the fat? I’m in. This air fryer uses one tablespoon of oil or less to fry, roast, bake, or grill nearly three pounds of food. Talk about a diet game changer!”

Tis the season!

$595 for Raden‘s Check In and Carry On set available HERE:

“My mind is blown: These suitcases have a built-in charging station, tracking capability and a weight sensor (buh-bye, overage fees!). They practically come with a college degree├óΓé¼ΓÇ¥smartest luggage ever. And the apple green shade was created exclusively for me.”

Tis the season!

$399 to $849 for the Cocoon by Sealy Classic mattress available HERE:

“If there’s anything better than a good night’s sleep, let me know, because I haven’t found it. What I have found is a memory-foam mattress that ships in a remarkably hassle-free box that will actually fit through your door. Open it up and hit the hay.”

Tis the season!

$50 for Biggie‘s Tower of Toffee available HERE:

“They don’t call it ‘crack toffee’ for nothing. Crunchy and buttery, with toppings like white chocolate with pistachio, cranberry, and coconut├óΓé¼ΓÇ¥once you start, you can’t stop.”

Tis the season!

$135 for Cypress Grove Holiday Cheese “Cake” available HERE:

“Behold! A cheese ‘cake’ that doubles as a centerpiece. It’s made up of four creamy pounds of Humboldt Fog and Truffle Tremor goat cheeses and decorated with succulents. It comes with bags so guests can take a parting gift├óΓé¼ΓÇ¥if you can get them to leave!”


You’ll have to ch-ch-check out the rest of her list HERE to see what else you didn’t know you needed to have!!

[Image via Cypress Grove/Biggie/Sealy/Raden/Avance/Fitbit/Avegant/Bloomingdale’s/Edward Bess/Apple/Urban Agriculture Co./H Butler.]

Nov 3, 2016 11:46am PDT

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