Lindsay Lohan’s Parents Defend The Actress’ Bizarre New Accent — See What They Said HERE!

lindsay lohan parents defend accent

Lindsay Lohan‘s bizarre new accent may’ve baffled the rest of the world, but not her parents!

As you surely know, The Parent Trap alum made headlines this week when she debuted an odd accent which made it sound like English was her second language — which it isn’t. LiLo has since defended the dialect change as a result of learning several languages at once. Hmm, okay.

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However, Lindsay’s momma Dina Lohan has since backed up her daughter’s explanation as she shared with Entertainment Tonight:

“I raised Lindsay and all my children to constantly learn different languages and embrace different cultures. Since Lindsay was a kid, she was speaking fluent Italian because my mother is Italian and would only speak to her in it. She taught herself how to speak French, Arabic, Hebrew and the list goes on. Lindsay has a very high IQ and is very intelligent and can pick up on any language in a minute. She has that gift.”

We’re not sure why we’d just now be hearing an accent change, but ok! The 54-year-old added:

“She is a worldly person who has so many talents and so much to offer, and that’s what makes her so special and so beautiful.”

In fact, the Mean Girls actress’ poppa Michael Lohan gave a similar account about Lindsay’s foreign language skills. He dished:

“Lindsay picks up languages like I pick up a coffee! I will tell you this, she’s spoken other languages on the phone with me — languages I don’t understand. I’ll be on the phone with her and I’ll hear her say something in fluent Farsi to a friend she’s with.”

Well, well! And despite her rough year, the reality TV star claims Lindsay is doing just fine. He noted:

“She’s so happy and healthy and doing great. Every time I talk to her she’s so positive. There’s nothing to be concerned about.”

Although, we can’t say Michael is always an accurate source as he previously told the world his daughter was pregnant when she was not.

What do YOU think about Lindsay’s accent? Is it REALLY real?

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Nov 4, 2016 9:29am PDT

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