Anderson Cooper Questions Melania Trump’s Cyber Bullying Platform: ‘Doesn’t This Start At Home?’

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First The View, and now AC360!

As you may have noticed, Melania Trump redeemed her RNC disaster on Thursday when she picked a platform during a campaign stop outside Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

In her noticeably not stolen speech, the mother-of-one vowed to tackle cyber bullying as her main duty as FLOTUS… which is questionable, considering her husband, Donald Trump, is arguably the most famous bully alive!

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Luckily, Anderson Cooper is just as aware of the irony as we are — so when Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway stopped by CNN on Thursday, she got quite the earful.

While she was just doing her job by defending the racist Republican… Anderson wasn’t about to let her off the hook for supporting someone so sexist!

In fact, when Kellyanne tried to downplay Trump’s trolling on Twitter once Anderson brought up Melania’s stance on cyber bullying, the host shot right back at her, asking:

“Doesn’t this start at home? Isn’t the problem at her own dinner table?”


We don’t even want to imagine what Barron Trump hears at home based on what’s already leaking out into the public

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There’s never gonna be a First Lady as perfect as Michelle Obama ever again, is there??

Ch-ch-check out Anderson vs. Kellyanne on LIVE TV (below)!!!

[Image via CNN.]

Nov 4, 2016 3:49pm PDT

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