Donald Trump Is Mad — Or Maybe Just Jealous — That Beyonc├â┬⌐, Jay Z, And Jennifer Lopez Have Held Rallies With Hillary Clinton!

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Donald Trump is whining again!

Ata a rally on Friday in Hershey, Pennsylvania, Trump complained away the night about how celebrities have been firmly on Hillary Clinton‘s side during the presidential election! Somebody needs a hug and a nap! LOLz!!

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Speaking to his supporters and referring to recent events that Clinton has held with the likes of Jennifer Lopez, Jay Z, Beyoncé, and others, Trump said:

“I didn’t have to bring J-Lo or Jay Z. I am here all by myself. Just me. No guitar, no piano, no nothing.”

…and we are VERY thankful for that! Ha!!

Seriously, though, of course A-list celebs are lining up behind Clinton rather than Trump! For one, her policies are actually defensible, good for the country, and not horribly bigoted or discriminatory!

BTW, celebs have been on stage with The Donald, so he’s not exactly there all by himself!

Retired football coach Bobby Bowden, and retired basketball coach Bobby Knight — in other words, old white guys supporting the old white guy — have been seen with The Donald at campaign rallies.

Don’t be mad about celebs just because you can’t get good ones, Trump! LOLz!

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And third — and most importantly — forget about celebs appearing with The Donald; his own party leaders don’t even want to be seen with him. That should tell you something!

Regardless, it sounds like The Donald is bitter about not being surrounded by celebs. Well, where’s Billy Bush when you need him?!


Sorry, not sorry, Donald!!

[Image via Johnny Louis/Dennis Van Tine/Future Image/WENN.]

Nov 5, 2016 4:24pm PDT

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