What Baby?! Blac Chyna Brings Home Two New ADORABLE Puppies! See The Videos HERE!

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What a cute way to celebrate a growing family!

Blac Chyna is about to add a baby to the mix with Rob Kardashian, so it appears she figured hey, why not — let’s add a couple of pooches to the family, too, and make it a big, crazy house!

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Posting to Snapchat on Saturday evening, BC revealed that she went and got two new adorable white pups named Tilden and Cameron, and she showed off the pair that spent their time playing with each other, eating, and, yes, taking LOTS of naps!

The pups are seriously ADORABLE — you have to see them for yourself on video (below)!!!

OMG! These puppies are seriously so cute!!

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But wait — there’s more! Ch-ch-check out some other doggie vids (below)!!!


Those dogs look so fun!

Whatever the motive for adding to the family that’s about to grow by a baby, too, at least this is a far less stressed out Chyna. She doesn’t need to be grabbing those kinds of headlines just days before she gives birth!!

[Image via Blac Chyna/Snapchat.]

Nov 6, 2016 6:51pm PDT

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