Miss USA Contestant Says Married Donald Trump Kissed Her — But She Liked It! Watch Her Gross Katy Perry Parody!

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Jennifer Murphy has an important message about Donald Trump!

Last month, the former Miss USA contestant revealed that she was one of the many, many women the GOP nominee kissed without consent.

But unlike the other dozen women who have accused the candidate of sexual assault, the former Apprentice contestant wants you to know that she really enjoyed the experience!

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And to appropriately express how an older man of power shoving his tongue down her throat made her feel all giddy inside, the former beauty queen decided to recount the sensual encounter… in song!

That’s right! Just in case you thought this election couldn’t get more bananas, Murphy actually parodied Katy Perry‘s I Kissed a Girl in a song that she titled I Was Kissed by Trump… And I Liked It!

This. Is. Real. Life.

In the spoof, Murphy declares the media twisted her words, and in reality she actually liked getting a slobbery smooch from the married business mogul — then actually endorses the sexual deviant for president.

Not only is Murphy’s song validating all of the other women’s claims, but she’s using a track written by one of Hillary Clinton‘s biggest supporters.

Not to mention, she’s comparing innocent sexual exploration to a sexual assault coping mechanism. Girl, is this a cry for help?

We just really hope HRC plays this song during her inauguration. Ch-ch-check out the bizarre song/endorsement/mental breakdown for yourself (below)!

[Image via YouTube.]

Nov 7, 2016 5:28pm PDT

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