Does This Donald Trump Supporter Look Like Harry Potter’s Nemesis Draco Malfoy? The Internet Says YES!

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Let’s just say this Donald Trump supporter is definitely on team Slytherin!

On the eve of Election Day, CNN brought on Drumpf supporter and first-time voter Tom Crean to defend the controversial candidate.

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While Crean’s political views were supposed to be the focus of the segment, that all went out the window when the internet realized the college student strongly resembles Harry Potter’s nemesis and number one bully Draco Malfoy. From the bleach blonde and slicked back hair to the mannerisms of Draco, the 18-year-old really nailed it!

Oh, and did we mention that the the student shares the same name as actor who plays Malfoy, Tom Felton? Talk about a bizarre coincidence!

Check out the internet’s field day with this Draco imposter (below)!

HA! We needed this bit of levity in light of all this election darkness!

So, do YOU think Tom looks like Draco?

[Image via CNN/Warner Bros.]

Nov 7, 2016 6:29pm PDT

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