Single Mom Faces Up To A Year In Jail For Selling Homemade Food On Facebook — Get The Deets!

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Lesson learned: don’t sell food on Facebook!

A woman from Stockton, California could face some jail time after she attempted to sell some home cooked meals through a Facebook group!

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It all started a couple of years ago when single mother Mariza Reulas joined a FB group called 209 Food Spot, a forum for people in the area to share recipes, plan get-togethers, and sometimes even send each other food.

Last December, Mariza was asked by a group member to sell some of her homemade ceviche.

That member turned out to be an undercover investigator from San Joaquin County!

Authorities knew most of the 209 Food Spot group didn’t have permits to sell their food. Miz Reulas, along with about a dozen other members of the food group, was cited for two misdemeanors — operating a food facility and engaging in business without a permit.

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Unlike the other group members, Mariza refused the plea offer which would have been three years of probation, 80 hours of community service, and a $235 fine.

Instead, the single mom’s case will be sent to trial where she could end up facing a year of jail time! Just for selling some ceviche online!

Reulas revealed to Fox 40 she was shocked to learn about the sting, saying:

“It was just like unreal that they were saying you could face up to a year in jail.”

Unfortunately, it doesn’t sound like the higher ups are on Mariza’s side as San Joaquin’s Deputy District Attorney Kelly McDaniel basically explained she’s just doing her job, saying:

“I don’t write the laws, I enforce them. And the legislature has felt that this is a crime.”

While it’s RIDICULOUS the ceviche specialist could face jail time for her cooking, what’s heartbreaking about all of this is Mariza revealed her kids are CONSTANTLY on her her mind as she deals with this absurd situation. Apparently, every time the single mom has a court appearance, she says:

“The night before [my son] always asks like, ‘Are you going to come back?'”


We can’t imagine dealing with such a frustrating situation and we wish Mariza and her kids the best of luck in staying out of jail!

What are your thoughts on going to jail over ceviche?!

[Image via Fox 40.]

Nov 7, 2016 1:23pm PST

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