Musical Numbers! P*ssies! Benedict Cumberbatch! Late Night Hosts Went All Out For Election Eve!

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‘Twas the night before the election, and all through the nation├óΓé¼┬ª late night hosts aired sketches hoping for a Hillary Clinton celebration!

Now that it’s finally election day, we’re at the home stretch of this exhausting presidential race — which had so many twists and turns that it sort of feels like an old school fairy tale. (You know, one that might end in an post-apocalyptic land of nightmares ruled by orange dictator Donald Trump.)

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That’s also what Seth Meyers and James Corden thought on their respective shows Monday night — as both hosts were retold the harrowing election in the form of a bedtime story by a special guest!

Of course, Stephen Colbert and Trevor Noah also host made sure to cash in on the political chaos one last time as well with thoughtful, compelling closing remarks. (Meanwhile, Jimmy Fallon played drunk Twister or something…)

Ch-ch-check out the stories, musical numbers, and guest stars on Election Day Eve’s late night roundup (below) — and VOTE today!!

Colbert had quite the patriotic bit urging citizens to vote on The Late Show. During his monologue, the host was interrupted by a crying little girl who was too scared to vote.

This turned into an informative musical number about the history of voting, which featured hilarious guest appearances from an old timey Jon Stewart and an in-character Javier Muñoz from Hamilton!

Corden took a similar theatrical approach on The Late Late Show in a funny sketch with Benedict Cumberbatch!

In hopes of getting little Jimmy to fall asleep on the night before the election, Corden’s dad (Cumberbatch) reads a bedtime story about a beige pantsuit wearing woman who travels through scary places to get to a majestic White House!

But before the heroine can rule the land, she has to traverse through woods filled with emails, a false news reporting Fox (LOL), and a scary orange-faced monster!

Noah put the jokes aside in his final plea to voters on The Daily Show, urging apathetic citizens to still get out and cast their votes regardless of Clinton’s lead in the polls.

Reminding everyone that Trump’s enthusiastic voters (like the KKK) will definitely show up to vote for the GOP nominee, the host said we can’t be complacent at the finish line and risk Clinton losing to her orange opponent — so, let’s just finish the damn thing already!

Meyers took the informative and comedic routes on Election Eve’s Late Night, first summing up the tumultuous presidential race in his Weekend Update-style segment A Closer Look.

In this rapid fire segment, Seth tackled celebs hitting the campaign trail and the FBI‘s latest update on Clinton’s emails — and played “the world’s smallest violin” for Trump, who has seemed visibly bitter that no celebs are performing for him!

To drive it home, Andrew Rannells stopped by to share a ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas-esque bedtime story, in which he merrily concluded:

“Happy election to all, and don’t vote for the asshole.”

Who do YOU think had the best Election Eve wrap up?

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Nov 8, 2016 10:39am PDT

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