Khloé Kardashian Injects Herself With Vitamins??

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Celebrities will do the craziest things to stay fit! Khloé Kardashian is no exception.

Recently, the KUWTK star posted a blog entry on her website where she reveals she gets her vitamins in a VERY unorthodox way.

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The tall diva wrote:

“Gotta stay healthy, okkkurr?! Some people like to take vitamin capsules, but I SWEAR by vitamin drips!”

But what exactly is a vitamin drip??

“A vitamin drip is an IV treatment that contains various vitamins and minerals depending on what your body needs. I try to get them weekly if I have time (there are people who will come to your house to do it!).”

Before you judge the 32-year-old, there is a reason why she injects herself with needles!

“The reason that I do vitamin drips instead of capsules is because I have an iron deficiency. I get the drips to boost my iron and also for my immune system. These drips are also KEY because I travel so much so the extra B12 in my system helps me avoid getting sick. I just think drips are better because they go into your bloodstream. Vitamin capsules are great on the go though, but we pee out most of the nutrients in pills. How crazy is that?”

Khloé does NOT mess with her health!

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Nov 8, 2016 8:53pm PDT

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