Twitter Thinks Lady GaGa Was Dressed Like A Nazi At Hillary Clinton’s Final Rally — Find Out What Her Outfit REALLY Represented!

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Lady GaGa is known for her controversial wardrobe choices, so it’s no surprise she wanted to wear something attention grabbing at Hillary Clinton‘s final campaign rally.

The Perfect Illusion singer has been supporting the Democratic nominee for quite some time now, but showed up on Monday night looking like she was supporting an entirely different party!

Observant Twitter users were quick to notice the songstress’ wardrobe bore a striking resemblance to a Nazi uniform!

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The 30-year-old donned a chic military-style jacket that would otherwise be quite traditional, if it didn’t include the red armband notoriously associated with the infamous German nationalists.

Before all you conspiracy theorists start claiming the Fourth Reich is about to assume power (that’s probably more on Donald Trump‘s side of the yard, anyway *cough*KKK endorsement*cough*), GaGa’s wardrobe wasn’t a tribute to the Nazi leader, but actually to the King of Pop!

As some pointed out on Twitter, the outfit was from the singer’s collection of Michael Jackson‘s clothes — and that jacket was the same one that MJ wore when he visited the White House in 1990:

Yes, plenty of Trump voters played up the conspiracy angle; but sadly it wasn’t just them.

The heated political climate — plus some poorly timed photos of GaGa pumping up the crowd — were enough to confuse plenty of Twitter users…

To be fair to the perplexed onlookers… it’s a very Nazi-looking M.J. outfit. Just sayin’.

Here’s a clip of GaGa performing Come To Mama at the rally:

[Image via RBC Network Broadcasting/Twitter.]

Nov 8, 2016 11:41am PDT

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