Mary J. Blige Opens Up About Her Divorce Drama With Estranged Husband: ‘I Choose Life’

Mary J. Blige speaks on her divorce.

Mary J. Blige is in the midst of some pretty horrible drama.

The Real Love songstress filed the papers for her divorce from Martin “Kendu” Isaacs back in July, but it’s since been revealed the music manager has demanded a massive amount of money in temporary spousal support.

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While she previously hadn’t spoken out on the battle with her estranged husband, the 45-year-old decided to open up to MailOnline on life following her split.

In the new interview, Mary confessed:

“I’ve finally got my life back. My fans have saved me. I have to keep going for them.”

The artist continued she’s been remaining positive despite everything:

“I chose life. At anytime we all go through dark times. You might lose something when you make a positive choice and lose something when you make a negative choice, so for me it’s best to just lose whatever you’re going to lose to get your life back… My fans have saved me too. It’s only when you hear people’s testimonies that ‘you saved my life’ or ‘helped me get out of an abusive relationship’ that you realize going through these hard times makes you stronger.”

She certainly sounds strong!!

So, it’s no wonder MJB is focusing on herself now!

“I chose to love Mary from the inside out. I’m not letting my hairstyle carry me or my jacket or boots. I can look at the mirror now when all this stuff is peeled back and say ‘I like you’. Finally. My secret is positivity, water, prayer.”

Aww! So inspirational!

Divorce can’t be easy, but we applaud her for bravely opening up about it!

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Nov 8, 2016 1:40pm PDT

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