We’re Getting A Vision… Of Raven-Symon├â┬⌐’s Kids From The That’s So Raven Spinoff! Deets HERE!

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Is this how Raven feels all the time?! LOLz!

Now that word is out about the upcoming That’s So Raven spinoff, we’re getting a vision of our own — though it’s not so much a sixth sense as a fifth.

We already knew Raven-Symon├â┬⌐‘s character would have kids in the new series, but now we’re hearing E! News has learned all about what we can expect from these youngsters.

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The kids from Raven’s former marriage — she apparently didn’t see that divorce coming — are both pre-teens, but only one of them inherited their momma’s psychic abilities!

The older child, Nia, is the fierce female’s spunky daughter who just began middle school (and is apparently skilled when it comes to science).

The little girl’s description almost seems like a carbon copy of the Raven we used to know and love, explaining Nia is “bold and confident” and “well-intentioned,” but “frequently finds herself in over her head.”

Yeah, that sounds pretty familiar.

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And, to top it all off, Nia’s the one with the ability to see into the future!

The youngster is joined by a little brother, Booker, who the outlet likens to Donald Glover. Love that!

The site depicts Booker as “gullible and innocent,” insisting he only causes trouble when he’s tricked into doing so; however, the “unapologetic mama’s boy” will stick up for himself once he learns he’s been duped.

Well, these kids sound like quite the dynamic duo! Are U excited for the That’s So Raven spinoff, Perezcious readers?!

Nov 8, 2016 4:39pm PDT

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