Azealia Banks Goes On Troubling Rant Against ‘Liberal Media’ Following Hillary Clinton’s Loss To Donald Trump — Oh Lord.

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Can we all collectively unfollow her now? Please??

Azealia Banks may have made a name for herself as a musician, but the professional troll showed off her one true talent in a troubling tirade following Hillary Clinton‘s loss to Donald Trump on Tuesday.

While many people were busy mourning our country’s future, Banks was preoccupied with needlessly inciting drama on Facebook. Apparently the rapper is a big Drumpf fan — once again — and has somehow managed to make his surprising ascent to the White House all about her imaginary feud with the “liberal media.”

Video: Azealia Discusses Her Alleged Altercation With Russell Crowe!

According to the rapper, the President-elect is a “hero” for “beating” media outlets, who apparently wronged her along the way as well. We guess the New York native must just be pissed news sites condemned her never-ending racism and homophobic rhetoric… that’s got to hurt, right?

Or, could it be the entertainer is upset no one took her side in the Russell Crowe feud? We guess we’ll never know!!

Ch-ch-check out some disturbing and NSFW bits from Banks’ meltdown (below)!!!

Yup… not much to say there.

So, what do YOU think of Azealia’s problematic posts??

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Nov 9, 2016 5:45pm PDT

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