Marijuana Rides High On Election Night As THREE More States Legalize The Drug!

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We’re not just blowin’ smoke!

Hillary Clinton may have had a heartbreaking loss on November 8, but marijuana certainly did not.

That’s because three states voted to legalize Mary Jane on Tuesday — including California, Massachusetts, and Nevada. Not to mention, both Florida and North Dakota approved the use of medical marijuana to be used in their states!

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Ironically, the federal government still categorizes weed as one of the “most dangerous” drugs. But hey, Donald Trump‘s going to be a our president… so who really gives a crap about what the experts say, right?

However, these five states aren’t the only ones reevaluating their thoughts on marijuana, as Maine and Arizona also voted on making it legal. While AZ rejected the proposed measure, ME hasn’t officially declared a victory or loss for the drug. Also, Arkansas and Montana have approved the use of medical cannabis!

Now we don’t condone the use of drugs at all… but we have a feeling we know how many liberals will be coping with the Celebrity Apprentice star’s presidency. WE TEASE!

What do YOU think? Are you shocked weed is legal in these states??

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Nov 9, 2016 10:11am PDT

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