This Photo DOESN’T Actually Show The KKK Marching Through North Carolina After Donald Trump’s Upsetting Win… But It Sure Looks Like It!

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It’s official. It hasn’t even been 12 hours and people are already clearly anxious that our country is going to sh*t.

In case you missed it, Donald Trump is somehow now our President-elect in this sick mass nightmare we can’t seem to wake up from…

And the bad dream just dodged an even worse turn.

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On Wednesday, the morning after the American people voted an incompetent bigot into power, one Twitter user noticed what she believed to be people donning traditional KKK garb while marching through North Carolina.

The NC resident posted the terrifying photo (above) that seemed to show members of the white supremacy group — who publicly backed the controversial candidate during his campaign — walking across a bridge in white robes and hoods, captioning the scary shot:

“KKK on the bridge in Mebane, NC this morning”

However, we can at least breathe one sigh of relief amid this political sh*tstorm, because the picture isn’t actually of Klan members.

Bustle had reached out to the Mebane Police Department, who said they hadn’t received word of any KKK sightings. Plus, a journalist with the Burlington Times-News debunked the viral pic.

Natalie Janicello actually revealed to Buzzfeed that the people in the fearsome photo were actually just a group of standard Trump supporters holding picket signs, posting on Twitter:

While the reporter admitted she didn’t see the group at the same overpass in the grainy photo, she insisted she recognized one man she spoke with that night, sharing a video of their conversation:

Buzzfeed also reached out to local police, who say they drove to the overpass only to find the suspected Klan members were actually the same batch of Trump supporters from Natalie’s piece.

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Alemance County Sheriff’s Director of Public Information Randy Jones explained:

“It’s the same group of people. They’ve got several flags, but they’re not in garb There’s nothing related to the klan. I saw them twice on two different days. No robes, no confederate flags.”

While the theory has now been disproven, we completely understand why the demonstrators were mistaken for the KKK.

They did endorse the man after all…

Please stay safe out there everyone!

[Image via kelbi1lewis/Twitter and TNYF/WENN.]

Nov 9, 2016 3:15pm PDT

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