Protesters Light Fires & Chant ‘F*ck Donald Trump’ As They Take To The Streets To Express Frustration Over Election Results — Watch!

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As you’ve most likely heard, Donald Trump unfortunately won the 2016 presidential race and there are A LOT of people who don’t know how to react!

A lot of celebrities and passionate fans and haters took to Twitter to share their feelings regarding Trump, but there were a few hundred people in Portland, OR, Oakland, CA, and even UCLA that took to the street to protest!

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Quite a few people up in the Bay Area of Cali were upset over the results and decided to voice their opinions by marching down Telegraph Avenue which ultimately shut down a station near DT Oakland.

Unfortunately, things got a bit violent as people apparently burned a Trump effigy and smashed some windows of the Oakland Tribune newsroom. Unsurprisingly, students in Berkeley and San Jose also headed out after the results to join the crowds.

Some Twitter users in the area, took to the social media site to share some of the NSFW sights and sounds from the protest:

Sadly though, at least one person was injured while protesting as they were hit by a car on Highway 24. We hope they’re okay!

Aside from the Bay Area, Los Angeles got in on the protest action too as students from UCLA stormed the streets after Trump’s victory was announced.

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As many as 1,500 to 3,000 people were estimated to be marching the streets in L.A. while chanting things like, “f*ck Donald Trump!”

Yeah, that sounds about right. Once again, a few students popped online to share some video of the NSFW protesters cuss the businessman out:

If you thought CA was the only place protesting, you’d be dead wrong as Portland, OR had more than 100 people blocking traffic and marching to Portland State University. The rowdy crowd was apparently taking dumpsters and putting them in the middle of the road while chanting, “Who’s streets? Our streets!” and “That’s not my president!”

Activists in Portland also used the social media app to share their experiences as they tweeted:


Of course, there were also protests in Washington D.C. as angry mobs joined together to shout expletive-filled chants outside the White House since early Tuesday. Apparently, Donald’s haters and supporters were getting into it with each other outside of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, as video surfaced:

Black Lives Matter was also out in full force to show up upset they were with the election’s result:


Though we certainly aren’t happy with Donald being our President, we hope that everyone can find a way to peacefully protest!

What are your thoughts on Mr. Trump winning the election?

Nov 9, 2016 8:39am PDT

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