President Barack Obama Addresses The Nation After Donald Trump’s Shocking Presidential Win!

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Our country seems more divided than ever before, but it looks like the civil rest is just beginning in the wake of Donald Trump‘s shocking presidential win.

Earlier today, Hillary Clinton addressed her supporters in a somber concession speech, but even her usually powerful words did little to mend the disappointment of those expecting a MUCH different outcome to this exhausting Presidential race.

Now, President Barack Obama is addressing the nation, and he tried his very best to be uplifting in the wake of the most stunning upset in political history.

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Speaking from the White House, Obama revealed he called up Trump to congratulate him on last night’s victory, assuring he would provide a smooth transition for his successor as George W. Bush‘s team did for him eight years ago. He said:

“Everybody is sad when their side loses the election, but the day after we have to remember that we’re all on one team. It’s an Intramural scrimmage. We’re not Democrats first, we’re not Republicans first. We’re Americans first. We’re patriots first.”

Though he spent most of election season telling voters that a Trump White House was dangerous, Obama recognized the President-Elect’s stance on “unity” was indeed the direction the country needs to head towards, adding:

“That’s what i heard in Trump’s speech last night. That’s what the country needs, a sense of unity a sense of inclusion, ├óΓé¼┬ª and respect for each other. I hope he maintains his spirit throughout this transition and i certainly hope that’s how his presidency will begin.”

Noting he “could not be prouder” of Clinton’s fight to the finish, Obama acknowledged that sometimes things just don’t pan out the way we hope — but that doesn’t mean we can loose faith for the future. He continued:

“That’s the nature of democracy, it’s hard and contentions and sometimes noisy. It’s not always inspiring. But for the young people who got into politics for the first time and are disappointed by the results… You have to stay encouraged. Don’t get cynical. Don’t ever think that you can’t make a difference.”

Hopefully, we can unite our nation despite being so divided at the moment.

Ch-ch-check out President Barack Obama’s full speech… and subsequent banter with VP Joe Biden (below)!!!

[Image via Barack Obama/Instagram.]

Nov 9, 2016 1:01pm PDT

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