Anti-Donald Trump Protests Across The Nation Turn Violent With Fires, Arrests, And Freeways Being Shut Down!

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As you probably know, after Donald Trump was announced as the United States’ next President, several people across the nation took to the streets to protest the results.

On Wednesday night, the outcry continued as angry activists were out for the second night, and things got a little uglier as more fires were set, freeways were shut down, and several people were arrested!

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Aside from the protests in New York at Union Square Park, there were thousands out in Los Angeles voicing their frustration over the election. In fact, there were so many people that the 101 freeway in downtown L.A. had to be shut down!

Late Wednesday night, Los Angeles police donned riot gear and asked demonstrators to disperse so things didn’t escalate, but at 10 p.m., the crowd had already made its way onto the freeway — where they clashed with authorities. Obviously, this caused quite the traffic jam as several people were trapped in their cars! As a result of the freeway storming, 13 people were arrested.

Of course people took to Twitter to share some footage of the events:

Adorably, one couple even took the opportunity to steal the spotlight:

While roaming the streets though, one viewer thought they spotted Miley Cyrus joining in on the action, but we’re pretty sure that’s not her — oops:

There was another group of protesters in SoCal that ended up rallying in front of El Lay’s City Hall that burned an effigy of Donald’s head. Sadly, there were even people that felt they needed to spray-paint graffiti onto news vans and the L.A. Times building. Seriously, be respectful people!

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More angry protesters shared:

Oakland’s protest had a few more people turn out than the previous night as there were an estimated 7,000 people in attendance on Wednesday! Once again, things got out of control as there were several fires lit, at least one police car burned, and multiple windows to buildings being smashed so people can loot.

The scene was so bad that police showed up in riot gear after protesters were throwing rocks, getting in fights, and even throwing MOLOTOV COCKTAILS at police! C’MON PEOPLE!

One man took to the Twitterverse to share footage of police charging a crowd and reportedly using tear gas on them:

Others just shared images and scenes from the night showing how passionate the protesters are:

New York was the big hot spot though as there were at least 62 people arrested as thousands of people marched down Sith Avenue holding various anti-Trump signs. The crowd headed to Trump Tower, but when they got there, police had already set up measures to block protesters from entering the building.

Once again, several people shared images of the events online:

The Big Apple had some celeb power too as Mark Ruffalo took to Instagram to share:

Love Trumps Hate love fest NYC Thousands in the Street.A video posted by Mark Ruffalo (@markruffalo) on Nov 9, 2016 at 5:50pm PST

As you may have guessed, there were also protests taking place in other major cities across the nation including Chicago, Austin, Portland, San Francisco, and in Washington D.C. outside the Trump International Hotel.

We’re certainly not happy about Donald being our next POTUS, but we just hope that everyone can stay safe and respectful while protesting!

[Image via Twitter.]

Nov 10, 2016 7:51am PDT

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