Kylie Jenner Goes On Record & Denies Being The Lead Singer Of Terror Jr — So Why Are Fans Not Buying It?

kylie jenner not a pop star

Kylie Jenner is setting the record straight!

On Wednesday, the KUWTK starlet took to her beloved Snapchat in order to confirm that she is NOT the lead singer of Terror Jr. HIGHlarious!

As you may recall, the reality TV vet brought the pop trio into the spotlight when she used the group’s song 3 Strikes in a promotional video for her lip kits back in March. Since then, fans have speculated Kris Jenner‘s youngest is secretly the band’s lead singer.

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It probably doesn’t help that last week one person discovered Miz Jenner’s name is listed on Terror Jr’s American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers registration for the track mentioned (above). Well, well!

Nonetheless, King Kylie is sticking to her story and has since denied being a member of Terror Jr. In one short vid, the makeup mogul noted:

“Hey guys. Public announcement: I’m not the singer of Terror Jr or whatever [they’re called]. I love their music, but for those wondering it’s not me guys. It’s not me. So yeah I don’t know if the band is trying to get a little attention or what’s going on, but it’s not me.”

However, this announcement wasn’t enough to dissuade fans from believing she has a music alter ego. We mean, we don’t really blame her loyal followers for sticking with the theory — like, if you “love” TJ’s music so much, why are you acting like you don’t even know the name of their band??

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Miz Jenner even tried to downplay her knowledge of the rumors as she quipped:

“My mom just asked me if I was a part of this Terror Jr band and I’m like, ‘Is this that serious?'”

LOLz! Of course, fans are taking to Twitter to call out the young Jenner for supposedly “lying” about her music career (below).

Regardless, Kylie is vehement that she’s not a member of this band as she also responded to one fan on Twitter:

Either this is the greatest long con of all time or Kylie really has no association with Terror Jr. What do YOU think??

[Image via Kylie Jenner/Instagram.]

Nov 10, 2016 8:54am PDT

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