Big Brother Cameras Caught The Moment Houseguests Learned The Election Results… And They Were NOT Happy! Watch!

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Oh brother…

While Big Brother may be over for the Summer, Big Brother: Over the Top is already at the Final 6 mark over on CBS All Access.

As viewers are aware, houseguests are typically cut off from the outside world for the entirety of their time in the competition — aside from diary room entries with host Julie Chen, of course.

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However, when major national news events occur — such as 9/11 or the Boston Marathon Bombing — producers usually elect to let contestants know the truth.

Unfortunately, that meant cameras were on the moment when current HoH Shelby Stockton (above, right), BB17‘s Jason Roy, and fellow contestants Danielle Lickey, Justin Duncan, Kryssie Ridolfi (above, left), and Morgan Willett learned Donald Trump had won the Presidency!

Seeing as the entire cast is made up of Millennials, it should come as no surprise that the houseguests were humongously heartbroken!

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What’s worse is they probably still think Julie was just lying to them because Hillary Clinton losing is such an unbelievable outcome.

Although, we’re hearing none of the Top 6 voted absentee — so we guess they can’t really complain

Ch-ch-check out BB:OTT‘s election reaction (below)!!!

P.S. #TeamShelby!

[Image via CBS.]

Nov 11, 2016 4:48pm PDT

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