Britney Spears Commands Fans To ‘Stand The F*ck Up’ And Give Her Piece Of Me Dancers An Ovation! Watch The Queen Work!

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Hear she, hear she!

Britney Spears may be lauded as the Princess of Pop, but we think it may be time to officially make her Queen.

That’s because during final bows at her Piece of Me show in Sin City on Wednesday night, the Glory icon was forced to give fans a piece of her mind when they failed to give her dancers a standing ovation!

Video: Britney Spears Nearly Suffers A Nip Slip In Sin City!

Apparently, the Las Vegas crowd was unusually tame during curtain… but when the audience failed to adequately acknowledge BritBrit’s band, she straight up scolded them, saying:

“You gotta stand the f*ck up and give it up for my band!”

Dayum, Brit!

But believe it or not… concert-goers STILL refused to stand — which made things extra uncomfortable when Britney had no choice but to repeat herself, threatening:

“I dare you to sit down.”

We are not worthy.

Ch-ch-check out the Princess Queen of Pop’s royal decree (below)!!!

I DARE YOU TO SIT DOWN … @britneyspears last night on her #PIECEOFME show. (Credit: @heyandrewjoel) #britneyspears #britney

A video posted by BPProductions01 (@bpproductions.01) on Nov 10, 2016 at 7:19am PST

[Image via Britney Spears/Instagram.]

Nov 11, 2016 4:14pm PDT

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