Donald Trump Perfumes Return To Online Stores Of Company Who Cut Ties With Him Last Year!

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Something stinks here.

Over the past year, Donald Trump was a name most businesses wanted to distance themselves from over his bombastic remarks about race and women.

But after the least qualified candidate in history still ended up winning the election, those estranged businesses are already crawling back to the President-elect.

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Perfumania was one of the many companies who cut ties with Trump shortly after he announced his candidacy in July 2015 and said Mexicans coming to America were rapists and drug dealers.

The company was very vocal about its efforts to get out of its deal with the GOP nominee, and eventually removed the Empire by Trump and Success by Trump fragrances from retail and online stores.

Now that the controversial candidate is headed for the White House, however, Perfumania is once again selling the Trump colognes in the New Arrivals section of its website:

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The company wouldn’t say if the Trump fragrances ended up back in stock before or after the stunning election results, but Perfumania clearly smells a fresh market out of the 59.5 million people who ended up voting for Trump.

Clearly, it’s easy to distance a business from a pseudo-politician who says crazy racist remarks, but not so easy to keep that moral high ground when half the country will still buy his products for the holiday season.

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Nov 11, 2016 10:12am PDT

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