Donald Trump Takes To Twitter To Complain About The ‘Very Unfair’ Protests Over His Presidency Win… & Then (Sort Of) Backtracks!

donald trump complains about protests

Despite being the President-elect, Donald Trump hasn’t stopped his whining on Twitter.

On Thursday, the Celebrity Apprentice star took to the social media site in order to voice his opinions on the recent protests that have been going down across the nation since he was announced as the victor on election night. And in typical Trump fashion, the reality TV vet had some inneresting thoughts on the situation.

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Trump posted:

*Scoffs* Now Donald, we doubt these protest are happening just because the media’s voiced their disdain for you. Perhaps the politician should take a look at the misogynistic and hateful rhetoric he spewed back during the campaign for answers as to why people are protesting? Just a thought.

As you surely know, thousands of people first took to the streets back on Tuesday, November 8 in order to protest the outcome of the presidential election. Specifically, large portions of people marched in major cities — including New York City, Los Angeles, Seattle, Chicago, and Washington DC.

Unfortunately, many of these protests have gotten out of hand as several people have since been arrested. Not to mention, demonstrations took a violent turn in Oakland, CA on Wednesday, November 9.

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The police in Portland, OR have even declared the demonstrations a “riot”. According to their Twitter account, protesters have allegedly displayed “extensive criminal dangerous behavior” and are walking the streets with baseball bats. To make matters worse, the cops claim projectiles were being thrown at them. So it’s no wonder they’ve reportedly arrested 26 people over the most recent protest.

Nonetheless, the Portland police are using surprisingly aggressive measures themselves to squash the outcry. One user on Twitter even documented the cops using flash grenades on the ralliers (below).

Oh no. Of course, amid all of this drama, the controversial businessman has since flip-flopped on his stance on how he feels about the rallies. On Friday morning, Donald took to Twitter AGAIN and wrote:

Well this isn’t very promising for his presidency, now is it? Oof…

Nov 11, 2016 7:33am PDT

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