Brexit’s Heartwarming Safety Pin Movement Has Reached The U.S. Following Donald Trump’s Terrifying Presidential Win!

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This movement is SO incredible!

Following Donald Trump‘s life-altering presidential win on Tuesday night, anti-Drumpf protesters have taken to the streets all across America to renounce the results.

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While it’s great to see so many Hillary Clinton supporters AND celebs organize in protest, it’s also important to highlight other forms of dissent, like the “Safety Pin Movement” inspired by England’s controversial Brexit decision.

For those not in the know, many immigrants in the United Kingdom were very fearful for their safety following Brexit. The referendum insinuated Muslims and other minority groups were not welcome in the U.K.

To alleviate some of these groups’ fears, sympathetic supporters decided to don safety pins on their clothing to show solidarity. By proudly wearing the pins, they demonstrated to these scared groups they were “safe places” in a sea of uncertainty.

Following the lead of this beautiful movement, Americans have begun to sport pins in honor of their disenfranchised demographics like African-Americans and members of the LGBT community.

Check out some shows of support (below)!

How incredibly moving.

So, will YOU be wearing a pin?

[Image via Twitter.]

Nov 11, 2016 3:39pm PST

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