Lindsay Lohan Connected To BIZARRE Battery Case In Las Vegas All Because Of Coachella — Get The Crazy Deets!

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She just can’t get a break!

Whether it’s almost losing a finger, going through a NASTY breakup, or apparently being roped into extremely bizarre Las Vegas stories, Lindsay Lohan is having a rough go of it these days!

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While you may have heard about all of LiLo’s other controversies, apparently a 24-year-old man had a WILD tale to tell the Las Vegas Metro Police Department and it somehow involved Linds!

According to police reports obtained by TMZ, the anonymous man told cops two Russian men came into his room at the Excalibur last month, took him into the bathroom, and asked him if he’d be talking sh*t about Lohan before beating him up!

Uhm, WTF?!

The scared man claimed he told the two brutes he hadn’t said ANYTHING about Lindsay, but the thugs roughed him up anyway.

As for how the Freaky Friday actress was involved in all this, well the 24-year-old allegedly claims to have met the star back at Coachella in April. Ooooooh, that makes so much sense now because #Drugs. LOLz!

OBVIOUSLY, the red haired beauty’s peeps have said they have NO idea who this guy is! Seeing as how the man refused to cooperate with their investigation, and the investigation is closed, there’s not too much to worry about.

This seems pretty obvious that the young men was full of it, and was probably hallucinating when he “met” Lindsay. HA!

Though there have been plenty of stranger things to happen, do you think there could be any truth to the Russian Vegas story??

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Nov 14, 2016 8:30am PDT

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