How To Get Away With Murder Star Jack Falahee Finally Reveals His Sexuality

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The question is finally being answered.

On Tuesday, How To Get Away With Murder star Jack Falahee wrote a lengthy post on Twitter where he reveals his thoughts about Donald Trump‘s presidential victory.

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The Hillary Clinton-supporter particularly criticized VP-elect Mike Pence who has been accused of supporting homophobic legislation. While expressing his disappointment regarding the election results, the 27-year-old also discusses his sexual orientation, which has been the topic of conversation ever since HTGAWM hit the air in 2014.

In the hit ABC show, the NYU graduate plays Connor Walsh, a sexy law student who is featured in SEVERAL gay sex scenes. While Falahee has stayed silent on the matter, he finally broke his silence on social media.

He wrote:

“While I’m not gay, on HTGAWM I play a character who’s in an interracial relationship with an HIV positive man.”

The thespian further explains:

“In the past I’ve declined to discuss my own sexuality in an attempt to try and dismantle the closet. Opponents to my ambiguous answers to questions surrounding my sexuality argued the importance of visibility. Ultimately, I think that my stance has been unhelpful in the fight for equality. I Feel that I’ve sacrificed my ability to support the community for a more theoretical discussion about sexuality. Now more than ever, I want to offer my support to the community as an ally.”

To see Jack’s full tweets, ch-ch-check them out (below).

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Nov 15, 2016 10:53pm PDT

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