Alexa PenaVega Talks Pregnancy Sex, The Initial Disappointment Over Her Baby’s Gender, & MORE!

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Alexa PenaVega is going through A LOT right now!

Following Alexa’s impeccable documentation of her impending parenthood with husband Carlos PenaVega on social media, she took to Fit Pregnancy to dish on her emotional pregnancy.

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According to PenaVega, conceiving their baby boy Ocean didn’t go as smoothly as she had hoped. In fact, it took the couple almost an entire year to get knocked up!

To get things going, the pair bought an ovulation kit to help lock down the momma-to-be’s most fertile dates. What’s funny is, these days happened to coincide with Carlos’ rehearsals for Grease: Live! … talk about awkward!

Alexa joked:

“I started using an ovulation kit that gives you a happy face when it’s a good time to try. Carlos was rehearsing for Grease: Live! at the time, and I’d text him, ‘Baby, you need to get home now.'”

As for how the 28-year-old felt when things stalled in the conceiving department, she mistakenly blamed her past battle with bulimia as the cause:

“When it’s not working, you think, ├óΓé¼╦£Is there something wrong with me?’ I struggled with an eating disorder when I was younger. It was a big part of my life, and I was worried that I wasn’t getting pregnant because of some long-term damage from what I’d put my body through. Even though my doctor said I was healthy, I felt so guilty about it. It’s such an emotional ride, and you blame yourself for everything. What brought me peace was my faith in knowing that it would happen when it was supposed to happen.”

Phew! We’re glad the star’s doctor ultimately deemed her as healthy.

Once the Miami native was finally able to relax about her health, she and Carlos were able to enjoy the process:

“I found there’s such a difference between having sex when you’re trying for a kid and when you aren’t. For us, sex became so much more intimate, beautiful, and passionate when we were trying. Suddenly the realization hits you: “Oh my God, we could be starting another life!'”

Unfortunately for Mr. PenaVega, their “passionate” sex slowed down once Alexa was actually pregnant:

“I felt so bad for him, because between the puking and exhaustion, I was just done. Carlos kept saying, ‘I can’t wait for that horny state to kick in.’ He hasn’t read any of the books, but he knew about the horny state!”

Aww! We bet the celeb is thankful to be in the final weeks of her pregnancy!

As for how the Spy Kids alum felt when she learned her baby was a boy, she was initially disappointed because she was SO sure the little one was a girl. PenaVega had even picked out a girl’s name and everything!

Alexa admitted:

“When the doctor told us it was a boy, I felt a little crushed, like she just disappeared. Of course, now I’m so in love with my son that I’d feel robbed if it were a girl. But I wish I would’ve held off.”

Well, it’s good to know the momma is thrilled to be pregnant with Ocean. Sometimes things have a way of working out!

So, can you relate to the actress’ pregnancy struggles?

[Image via Fit Pregnancy.]

Nov 16, 2016 1:04pm PDT

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