Bethenny Frankel Offers To Adopt 5-Year-Old Girl After Her Mother’s Shocking Murder… Find Out Why The Law Isn’t On Her Side!

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Bad girls gone good!

Bethenny Frankel may be one of the biggest villains in the history of the Real Housewives, but she just proved she’s probably the best mom in all of New York City.

Not only has she managed to keep her 6-year-old daughter Bryn Hoppy away from Bravo cameras for this long, but Bethenny just went above and beyond in the name of motherhood this week… which is about where this story stops being heartwarming.

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Unfortunately, a 5-year-old girl was found abandoned in NYC’s Port Authority on Monday — but when she led police back to her Stamford, Connecticut home… her mother was found murdered.

To make things even worse, the unidentified child’s father Elmer Gomez Ruono — who is wanted for questioning, but is not officially a suspect — is reportedly the one who left her alone at the bus terminal after their family moved to Conn. from New Jersey on Sunday!

Luckily, Bethenny stepped in almost immediately, offering to adopt the orphaned child on Twitter, saying:

We’re actually speechless.

It’s just too bad her good deed was effectively undone by the exact system put in place to help the kid…

That just doesn’t make sense.

But not only is Queen B not going to be able to adopt the girl…

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We’re hearing the Tri-State STILL doesn’t know who’s jurisdiction she’s even under since all three states were involved!

At the very least, thank you for bringing attention to the case, Bethenny.

Do YOU think the SkinnyGirl founder could handle another daughter??

[Image via Bravo.]

Nov 16, 2016 12:38pm PST

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