Update: Charlie Sheen’s Ex Brooke Mueller Spotted With Couple’s Kids As Police Search Is Called Off!

brooke mueller mia after bar scene

UPDATE 2:44 P.M. EST: A source spoke with TMZ and said they spotted Brooke swinging at her kids outside a Salt Lake City car wash early Wednesday morning. When the tipster approached Mueller, they claim she looked “high as a kite” and began yelling. After calling the cops, the 39-year-old reportedly took off with the kiddos in an SUV right before authorities arrived.

Police sources have said Utah state police spoke to Brooke on the phone and don’t believe the children are in any danger. They also added Charlie’s ex did not commit any crime!

This must be so upsetting for Charlie Sheen!

On Wednesday, it was revealed that the cops in Salt Lake City, UT are currently trying to track down the Two and a Half Men alum’s kids with Brooke Mueller as the real estate investor was acting very bizarrely on Tuesday evening. Oh no!

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Reportedly, a barefooted Miz Mueller wandered into a bar with her twins, Bob and Max, and tried to bum a cigarette from someone. To make matters worse, eyewitnesses claim Brooke got into a fight with the nanny who was accompanying her and her kiddos — which resulted in the police being called. Apparently the 911 dialer was concerned about the fight AND that there were two seven-year-olds in a bar.

One bar patron was able to identify Sheen’s ex as she supposedly told them of her connection to the A-lister and even gave them his number.

Unfortunately, the 39-year-old took off before law enforcement could arrive and intervene. It’s said Brooke’s since popped up in the area a few more times as she’s tried to book a hotel room. Oof.

This scary situation is clearly stressful for the Anger Management performer as he briefly shared with TMZ:

“I’m just trying to get my kids home safe. I have no other details that relate to the ongoing event.”

The most recent siting of Mueller and the kids was on Wednesday morning around 6:30 a.m. While the po-po are still on the case, they’ve yet to locate the brood. The most concerning thing about this situation is that the NY native relocated to Utah earlier in the year for rehab and continued living in the state in order to get outpatient treatment and focus on her well being.

Here’s hoping the authorities locate Brooke and the kiddos soon before something more upsetting occurs!

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Nov 16, 2016 1:18pm PDT

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