Woman Blames Donald Trump For DWI Arrest — After Hitting 2 Cars At 4 TIMES The Legal Limit!

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For once, this actually isn’t his fault!

While half the country is still reeling from Donald Trump‘s unprecedented Presidential win, one woman in Lino Lakes, Minnesota went a little too far with her coping mechanism

That’s because Elizabeth Lundberg was arrested for drunk driving after the racist Republican’s rise to the White House last week — and she apparently blamed it all on The Donald!

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According to reports, police responded to a three-car crash at a stoplight at around 5:15 p.m. last Wednesday where they found the 33-year-old basically blacked out behind the wheel.

We’re hearing that not only was Liz slurring her words while rocking some bloodshot eyes… she reportedly couldn’t even spell her own name after failing the field sobriety test. Of course, the empty vodka bottle in her purse probably didn’t help.

After Elizabeth was taken into custody for DWI — where she promptly broke the first breathalyzer — police revealed her shockingly high BAC levels in a public Facebook post, writing:

She’s definitely in the wrong here… but can cops just make fun of her like that nowadays before she goes to trial?

Like, couldn’t she use that against them??

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In her defense, Elizabeth claims her words were taken out of context, telling the Minneapolis Star Tribune on Tuesday:

“Well after I asked if everyone was okay, I said it sarcastically. It was such a fleeting comment. I did not shed a tear when he was elected… I’m not really into politics, frankly. [Although,] I think it’s strange that a police department can tweet something someone said that is so outlandish.”

We see her point… but driving at four times the legal limit kind of erases her credibility.

Still, it should be interesting to see how the court rules once her trial starts this January!

How are U handling President-elect Trump, Perezcious Readers??

[Image via Anoka County Jail and ABC News.]

Nov 16, 2016 6:16pm PDT

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