Gisele B├â┬╝ndchen Has To Trick Her Kids Into Eating THIS Healthy Food — And It Works!!

Gisele Bundchen is starting them young!

Gisele B├â┬╝ndchen isn’t the only one watching what she eats, but she has her kids eating healthy, too!

After it was previously reported the supermodel gave away their Halloween candy (with their permission!!), it doesn’t come as much of a surprise her kiddos would be following suit.

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The leggy blonde, who shares two children with Tom Brady, Benjamin and Vivian, and is stepmom to the NFL star’s oldest son Jack, makes all three of them breakfast each morning!

Gisele explained to People how the kids’ meals range from gluten-free pancakes to scrambled eggs with gluten-free toast with avocado or even coconut yogurt.

Um, sign us up for breakfast at their house!!

The momma of three also tries to trick the kids into eating acai with berries and bananas by saying it’s ice cream. Oh boy!

As for how they’re staying active, she continued:

“Our oldest (Jack), is obsessed with soccer. Benny loves hockey, and the little one, she’s just only 3-and-a-half, so she’s into anything. She actually does yoga! And just running around.”

At least they are getting those healthy habits instilled early on!

What do U think about it??

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Nov 16, 2016 1:29pm PDT

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