Priscilla Presley Reveals Elvis NEVER Saw Her Without Makeup Their Entire Marriage!

Priscilla Presley

Priscilla Presley and Elvis Presley undoubtedly shared a fascinating life together.

As you may know, the late singer and the actress met when she was just 14 years old back in 1959 while her father and Elvis were both stationed in Germany. The two star-crossed lovers eventually wed in 1967, only to divorce six years later after having one daughter, Lisa Marie.

In a new interview with ITV‘s Loose Women, the 71-year-old opened up about life with the iconic artist, and how much of her youth was “stolen”… which ultimately contributed to their split just 10 years before Elvis’s death.

The mother-of-two revealed that during that time, her entire life revolved around the King.

In fact, he never once saw her without makeup on in all of the years they were together.

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Priscilla explained:

“Some can’t have the truth. I always had a little bit of make-up. He never wanted to see me getting dressed, he wanted to see the end result.”

Elvis even took her shopping, picking out all of her clothes:

“I lived his life, you didn’t live your own life, so you kind of lost yourself. I didn’t have my teenage years as a normal girl obviously so I had to adapt, and I did adapt, I just followed.”

But it didn’t take long before the businesswoman started wanting more out of life:

“The times when he was touring I would go to a dance class — I started realizing women have their own life.”

She added:

“I did not divorce him because I didn’t loved him, he was the love of my life, but I had to find out about the world.”


Wow, such an interesting story!

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Nov 16, 2016 2:31pm PST

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