Joe Biden Breaks The Ice With Jokes During Mike Pence Meeting — No, Not The Ones From The Memes, Darn It…

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Donald Trump‘s team is already checking out their new stomping grounds, which has led to some pretty awkward meetings with the current Barack Obama administration.

Not only did POTUS’s transition meeting with the President-elect look awkward af, but even Michelle Obama‘s sit down with First Lady successor Melania Trump appeared a bit tense.

Though at least one transition meeting wasn’t as stiff as The Donald in a Miss USA locker room — and that’s Vice President Joe Biden‘s chummy lunch with VP-elect Mike Pence!

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Biden and Pence met at the Naval Observatory on Wednesday to pass the Veep torch in which the current VP made some jokes to ease the tension, and extend an olive branch to the next White House administration.

Unfortunately, they weren’t the practical jokes and booby traps the Internet imagines…

After meeting with the Indiana Governor, Biden joked he would be available to Pence as “senior staff”. Speaking to CNN about the meeting, he said:

“You can be smart and reject most of my ideas, but I think he will listen to some of them… No administration is ready on day one. We weren’t ready on day one.”

We get it, Joe, you need a job!!

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Pence didn’t reveal his concerns about moving to Washington during his meeting with Biden, but thanked the outgoing VP and wife Jill Biden for taking the time to meet with him and spouse Karen Pence, noting:

“We are just very grateful for the hospitality today for the Vice President and the Second Lady. Most importantly, I think they made real progress in talking Mrs. Pence into a new dog.”

Sounds like they had a nice conversation… about dogs?

Though maybe Joe did go too far with his joke about it being a Russian wolfhound. Ha!

[Image via ABC News/YouTube.]

Nov 17, 2016 10:11am PDT

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