Hillary Clinton’s Presidential Loss Has Reportedly Delayed Katy Perry’s New Album — Find Out Why!

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Rise and shine, KP…

Like the majority of America, Katy Perry was blindsided last week when the nation elected an orange anus into the Oval Office instead of a practically overqualified female.

Unfortunately, it sounds like Hillary Clinton‘s historic Presidential loss is still hitting the Rise singer hard… because we’re hearing it’s even starting to affect her music!

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As most KatyCats are already aware, the vocal HRC supporter hasn’t put out a new album since Prism dropped waaaaay back in October 2013. However, while it may seem like we’re all ready for KP4… we wouldn’t get our hopes up about new music from Katy before year’s end.

That’s because according to a source with The Sun, Katy is apparently rewriting her nearly finished album in an effort to “inspire healing” in a nation torn apart by President-elect Donald Trump!

According to the Wednesday report, Orlando Bloom‘s boo has decided to use her star power to politicize her pop lyrics, with the music insider dishing:

“Katy has reworked the direction of her album so it reflects what she believes to be unsettling and changing times. She had the album ready to release by the end of the year, but has been inspired to write new songs which she wants to add to it. As such a vocal Hillary Clinton supporter, she was heavily involved with the Presidential election, but was shocked at how volatile it became. She hopes her new music can inspire healing, peace, and unity after Trump’s win.”

Okay — So, they’re clearly just tweaking the album since Rise failed to even crack the Top 10… right?

Still, we have nothing but unconditional love for Katy — so if Hillary Clinton lyrics are what she wants, we’re right there with her.

Although… Do U think we’ll ever get new music from Katy Perry again at this point?!

[Image via Katy Perry/Instagram.]

Nov 17, 2016 10:27am PDT

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