Disney Directors Debunk Hidden Sex Messages In Aladdin & The Little Mermaid! Do YOU Buy Their Explanation??

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For most millennials, a huge part of coming of age was discovering all the secretly dirty subliminal messages in Disney movies.

From the word “SEX” seemingly spelled out in the background of a Lion King scene to some Donald Trump-esque dialogue coming from Aladdin, young conspiracy theorists have called out the Mouse House for sneaking some non-PG messages in its classic films!

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Of course, the most notorious Disney legend of the sort is the horny bishop in The Little Mermaid, who seems to be a little TOO excited during the wedding scene on the ship.

If you aren’t familiar with this X-rated easter egg, there are a few frames that supposedly show the bishop’s, uh├óΓé¼┬ª little bishop growing at the sight of human Ursula:

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This quick visual caused kids worldwide to pause and rewind their VHS’s and giggle at the inappropriateness — but according to the animators of the film, the ceremonial half-chub isn’t at ALL what it appears to be!

Moana directors Ron Clements and John Musker — who also helmed The Little Mermaid — told The Huffington Post the infamous erection is just an “urban legend,” explaining:

“It’s a misunderstanding. Honestly, we were there, so we know… The minister has knobby knees. He was designed with knobby knees by animator Tom Sito who was not thinking of anything other than this slightly weirdly designed character. That was never the intention.”

The scene’s animator Tim Sito also confirmed the erectile debunktion, telling HuffPo:

“People are just seeing what they want to see.”

From further investigation of the scene, it’s clear that the minister does, in fact have wobbly knees:

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But MAN how did they not see how bad that looked in their first cut??

And what about that incriminating dialogue in Aladdin, where the titular character seemingly utters, “Good teenagers, take off your clothes”?

Clements wrote that off as another urban legend, explaining the line was an ad-lib from voice actor Scott Weinger that viewers just misheard. He added:

“While we’re talking about this, in Aladdin, when he’s with Jasmine on the balcony and the tiger is coming up to him, there’s an ad-lib that Scott Weinger [the voice of Aladdin] did to fill in a little space where we opened things up. He says, ├óΓé¼╦£Good, tiger. Take off, cat. Go!’ That’s what he said, swear to God, that’s what he said. Some people think he said something else.”

Hmmm├óΓé¼┬ª okay, those expressions are phonetically similar, but we still don’t know if we buy it.

What do YOU think? Rewatch the scene (below) and VOTE!

[Image via Disney.]

Nov 17, 2016 12:56pm PDT

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