Man Who Posed As A High School Student — And Had Sex With A 15-Year-Old Girl — Sentenced To Just Two Months… So Far!

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As you may remember, back in February we told you about Artur Samarin, a (now) 24-year-old Ukrainian man, who attended high school for months as teenager “Asher Potts.”

Samarin was arrested for identity theft, among other things, for his ruse.

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But the story gets even MORE disgusting as Artur apparently had sex with a 15-year-old girl while living the lie!

The arrest affidavit states that the deplorable man told a detective back in February that he had sex with the teenage girl in the fall of 2014, when HE WAS 22! YUCK!

On Thursday, U.S. Middle District Senior Judge Sylvia Rambo handed down Artur’s punishment, and it was a bit lighter than we’d expect! The judge ordered Mr. Samarin to serve two months in prison for federal fraud charges.

Now before you get too upset, the Ukrainian is also set to face sentencing next week for separate fraud and sex crime charges, where he could face a lot more time — and even deportation.

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Apparently scamming the system, receiving a free public education, and being on the National Honor Society with a 4.16 GPA wasn’t enough for the con man as he had to go after some poor teen girl. UGH!

Interestingly enough, the young man’s lawyers said that Artur was pushed into the fraud scheme by his “adoptive parents”, Stephayne Potts and Michael Potts, who allegedly treated him like a servant. Apparently it was the Pottses who reported the whole scam to the police when he “escaped”.

Don’t worry, they’re facing fraud charges too.

We’re definitely interested to see what the 24-year-old’s punishment will be, but we’re sure he’ll get what he deserves!

What are your thoughts on the disgusting man’s actions?

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Nov 18, 2016 1:01pm PST

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