Brandon Jenner Takes A Note From Kim Kardashian And Drops A 5-Song EP! Watch His Debut Music Video!

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This is our jam, turn it up!

Brandon Jenner may not be the first person in his overly extended family to enter the world of music… but he’s certainly not the worst.

As you hopefully remember, Kim Kardashian West blessed us with the best piece of pop culture in 2011 when she dropped her debut/only single, Jam (Turn It Up).

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However, we have to give Kimmy’s former step brother some credit — because unlike his KUWTK kounterpart, Brandon’s debut EP Burning Ground out Friday is actual music!

But not only did Caitlyn Jenner‘s second eldest son release five songs in one day, he even has an accompanying music video for the track I Believe!

In typical KarJennian style, Brandon brought it all back to family when speaking to PEOPLE, crediting his wife Leah Jenner and 16-month-old daughter Eva as his main inspirations, saying:

“Sometimes when you’re in a great place and really deep in that zone, you’re able to express the emotion that you have very clearly. So much has changed in the last couple years in my life. For sure becoming a dad is the most significant; I knew who I was, but I just feel like I’m in such a different place now. I have a song on the record called The Best of Us, and it’s a song about my daughter that I used to play piano while she was sleeping right next to me, just to soothe her and let her sleep. And I have a song that I wrote for Leah that is called In the Stars. It really is an expression of my life and the emotions that I have felt over the last eight months.”

Awwww… How precious is that?!

Keep up the good work, Bra.

Ch-ch-check out Brandon Jenner’s I Believe music video (below)!!!

[Image via PEOPLE and E!.]

Nov 18, 2016 6:20pm PDT

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