How To Get Away With Murder Kills Off Its Biggest Character Yet! Find Out Whose Body Was #UnderTheSheet!

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We did NOT see that coming!

After eight episodes of guessing which character was #UnderTheSheet, the ill-fated victim on How To Get Away With Murder was revealed on Thursday’s midseason finale.

With each of the previous episodes revealing who wasn’t dead in the grim flash-forward, there were only a few remaining options for who would be under the sheet.

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And this week’s episode — aptly titled Who’s Dead? — finally answered that question with a shocking reveal in the final moments of the hour!

While most fans had their bets on Frank (Charlie Weber), Nate (Billy Brown), or Connor (Jack Falahee), the actual victim ended up being…

Wes (Alfred Enoch)! NOOOOOOO!!!

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Most of the episode followed the DA’s investigation on Annalise (Viola Davis), which trailed back to Rebecca’s (Katie Findlay) body being found in the woods. The investigators asked Wes about Rebecca, since the two were dating at the time of her death.

After Wes’ interrogation, Annalise told him to meet at her house for something important. She also called the rest of the group and asked them the same, but the only people who showed up were Laurel (Karla Souza) and Nate (and apparently Wes, but we didn’t see that part yet).

Right after Laurel and Nate walked into Annalise’s house, a giant explosion went off which caused an enormous house fire. At this point, we knew Laurel ended up in the hospital, so it looked like Nate was the one under that sheet.

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But thanks to another gut-punching twist, we then saw Nate walking into the forensics room alive and well — which means├óΓé¼┬ª we’ll be seeing a lot less Wes from now on.

Confirming the tragic realization, Wes’ half-burned face was revealed to be under the sheet. And if that wasn’t enough, Nate dropped another bombshell while visiting Annalise in jail: Wes was already dead at the time of the fire!

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Wow. We can’t believe our number one guy was murdered… and neither could the actor who plays him!

If you need a moment to process this devastating TV loss, allow adorable Alfred Enoch to charm you one last time while talking about his death on Jimmy Kimmel (below)!

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Nov 18, 2016 11:18am PDT

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