Move Over, Mannequin Challenge! #TrumpsComing Is The Next Viral Trend — Watch!

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The Mannequin Challenge has been around long enough that we’re SURE you’ve seen one of your favorite celebs get in on the trend, but have you heard about #TrumpsComingChallenge?

The recent hashtag has been popularized on Twitter after Donald Trump beat out Hillary Clinton for the U.S. Presidency because… well… everyone’s f*cking TERRIFIED!

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The new challenge is a take on #AndysComing which is of course the Toy Story inspired prank where everyone drops to the floor and remains completely still when someone shouts “Andy’s Coming.” But instead of just dropping to the floor, participants in the #TrumpsComingChallenge can either drop to the ground, or just sprint as fast as they can out of the room! LOLz!

Ch-ch-check out some of the best #TrumpsComingChallenge videos so far (below) and let us know if you think this trend will stick around for a while!

And of course, there were some VERY appropriate GIFs for the #TrumpsComingChallenge:

Will U be getting in on the new viral fun?

Nov 18, 2016 8:53am PDT

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