Mike Pence Was Booed Last Night At Hamilton On Broadway — And Donald Trump Is FURIOUS!

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Vice President-elect Mike Pence went out to Hamilton on Broadway last night, and the reception from the audience when he walked in was UGLY!

The VP-elect and his wife decided to take in the show in NYC, but when they got to the theater, they were mercilessly booed and catcalled as they went to take their seats.

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It makes some sense, after all — Pence has put forth some horrifying anti-LGBT policies and ideas across his career, and so the irony of them heading to the theater and taking in a show put on by such a diverse and LGBT-friendly group is… interesting.

Twitter users showed Pence being booed by sharing videos from last night (below):


Serves him right, honestly — and the irony of all this was not lost on Lin-Manuel Miranda, or the cast of Hamilton.

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After the show, as Pence was trying to duck out early, the cast came out and, led by Brandon Victor Dixon, who plays Aaron Burr in the musical, delivered a message to Pence that hopefully will make its way back to his President-elect, too.

Ch-ch-check it out (below)!!!


VERY well said!!!

Of course, Donald Trump wasn’t crazy about it, tweeting early Saturday morning about how that speech constituted harassment (below):

Uhhh… what?! LOLz, come on, Donald!

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Fortunately, Dixon called Trump out in response (below)!

And while rumors had been swirling around throughout last night that Pence didn’t even hear Dixon’s message, it turns out he did, at least from the hallway, according to a journalist from the New York Times (below):

Well then!

Also, The Donald wasn’t just angry about Pence at Hamilton — he went on a tweet spree earlier this morning about that $25 million Trump University lawsuit he was forced to settle yesterday!!

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Ch-ch-check out his angry tweets about having to settle (below):


Suuuuuuuuuuure, Donald.


[Image via Dennis Van Tine/Future Image/WENN.]

Nov 19, 2016 10:55am PDT

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