Justin Timberlake Uses His Most Iconic Fashion Faux Pas To Take A Shot At Donald Trump! Watch The Hilarious Moment HERE!

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Its been fifteen years, but this fashion faux pas STILL haunts Justin Timberlake!

On Monday, Justin had to relive one of his worst fashion moments EVER while promoting Trolls on the Australian daytime talk show The Project. Let’s just say JT has a good sense of humor when it comes to his less than flattering looks from the late ’90s and early 2000s!

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For all of you who were too young to remember, in 2001 Justin and then-girlfriend Britney Spears cemented themselves on “worst dressed” lists for the rest of time when they showed up to the American Music Awards in denim on denim outfits.

Obviously, the moment has continued to traumatize Justin… a denim cowboy hat is not something people forget. Remember when Katy Perry and Riff Raff parodied the look at the VMAs back in 2014?

Naturally, the hosts couldn’t help but ask the singer about that inneresting period of his life and we can’t say we blame them!

When the hosts asked the entertainer to discuss a valuable lesson he learned from his time in N’SYNC, he joked:

“If you wear denim on denim, it will get documented.”

But wait, there’s more! When asked if ANYONE could make that look great again, JT quipped:

“Not Donald Trump.”

Check out Timberlake’s dig at Donald Trump around the 9:24 minute mark (below)!

Ha! We bet it’s only a matter of time before Drumpf gets to tweeting about this jab… we give it a few hours!

[Image via AP Images/CBS.]

Nov 21, 2016 2:49pm PST

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