Richard Simmons Shares A Final Heartwarming Goodbye To His Iconic Fitness Studio: ‘I Cannot Bear To Be Sad Today’

Richard Simmons says his last farewell to his iconic studio.

Richard Simmons‘ iconic fitness studio Slimmons officially closed its doors on Saturday.

While the health guru didn’t make it to Beverly Hills to officially say goodbye with one last class, he did share a final heartbreaking message to his fans to thank them for their support!

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In a lengthy post, the 68-year-old wrote on Facebook:

“Well, it’s been over forty years now, and I am finally taking my own advice. I am being kind to myself, and putting myself first. I am making changes and taking time to do the things I want to do. Please know that I am in good health and I am happy. No one has ever been able to tell me what to do and the same is true today. I am still independent, determined and opinionated. I simply am making a new beginning for myself — quietly and in my very own special way.”

Aww! We’re so glad he’s taking time to focus on himself.

Richard continued with an inspirational message about these new beginnings:

“I will not see you today because I am not very good at endings. I would just spend the whole time hugging and crying. My eyes would get puffy and red, my hair would get all frizzy and I’d be a mess. I cannot bear to be sad today. And you shouldn’t be sad either. This should be a celebration of our forty-plus years together dancin’ and sweatin’. So let’s turn this ending into a new beginning. Start your own chapter today. Do something new you’ve always wanted to do. Make a new friend. Exercise. Eat a healthy meal. Drink water. Track your food. Spend time with your family or the ones you love and those who love you back. But most importantly be good to yourself.”

It’s almost hard to believe it’s been over 40 years, but it definitely sounds like Simmons is ready to move on.

You can read the rest of his emotional full post (below):

[Image via Nikki Nelson/WENN.]

Nov 21, 2016 9:54am PDT

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