Underage Rocco Ritchie Has Reportedly Been Trying To Get Served In Pubs & Is Running With The Wrong Crowd!

rocco ritchie pub visits

Rocco Ritchie is certainly going through his teenage rebellious phase!

As you surely know, Madonna‘s son with Guy Ritchie got into some trouble with the law when he was arrested for marijuana possession back in September. Uh oh!

And it seems as though the celebuspawn’s drug arrest isn’t the only bit of acting out the famous teen has been doing as it’s said he’s been running with the wrong crowd and has tried to be served alcohol in local pubs — despite being underage! Tsk, tsk.

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Although young Ritchie is the child of two famous stars, one source claims he’s been spending time with a group of young people from “a local council estate,” which has also been referred to as the projects. Huh.

The insider dished:

“He is a polite boy, but he hangs around with boys from an estate who are not so polite. Of course he smokes weed. They are young boys and we were all like that once. Around the time he was arrested I used to see him in the local pub. I don’t think they ever served him because they know who he is and he’s 16.

Some of the boys from the local estate, they are the ones who used to scale the walls to get into the pub. He goes to a school nearby here for wealthy children who are maybe not as intellectual.”

DANG! Perhaps Madge had a right to be concerned about her boy!

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When asked about Rocco’s drug habits, the tipster continued:

“They are young boys. Rocco is a polite boy, I wouldn’t want to get him in trouble. With his mum in the U.S. he must worry about getting in trouble in case he gets sent over there.”

Now an arrest could complicate Rocco’s re-entry into the States when visiting his momma, but we doubt customs would turn him away as he has dual citizenship! Not to mention, the 16-year-old’s alleged behavior may be getting dramatized a bit as several of his neighbors in the Primrose Hill neighborhood have never even spotted him in the area.

One neighbor told DailyMail:

“I know of Rocco, I know who he is, but I haven’t seen him here. I’m surprised he is meant to have been hanging around here. I haven’t heard anyone speak about it at all. I haven’t seen any young teenagers hang around here or sit on any wall.”

Hmmm, very inneresting. Here’s hoping Rocco can avoid getting in trouble for awhile… or at least, until after the holidays!

[Image via Madonna/Instagram.]

Nov 23, 2016 1:45pm PDT

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